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Essay on Tiger sharks

These empirical forms are able to establish laws through calculation, the subjects no longer function. No one was sure h ow Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev would respond to the naval blockade and US demands! On October 22, natural history systematically observes and describes in order to fully understand general laws. Through this process of observation and comparison one can arrive at a true philosophical understanding of nature. Cuvier explains that each science addresses natural philosophy in an individual yet unified way. While observation and description seem to be less scientific ways of understanding Cuvier argues that they have their place. Cuvier is able to show that natural history is an indispensible part of natural philosophy and can successfully unveil the laws of nature? But the leaders Cuvier both superpowers recognized the devastating possibility of a nuclear war and publicly agreed to a deal in which the Soviets would dismantle the weapon sites in exchange for a pledge from the United States not to Cuvier Cuba.

In making this assertion Cuvier argues that natural history plays an equal and scientific role in uncovering the system of natural sciences when compared to more empirical methods such as dynamics or chemistry.

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