What is the summary of Chapter Three of Where Men Win Glory?

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Of Mice and Men - 4th chapter Essay:

Ten young men come out to remove the bodies. Reflection sets a basis for change and growth. For twenty-three years, he is jealous of Lennies friendship with George. A large portion of this chapter focuses on the American government's attitude toward the destruction of Dresden and on the violence perpetrated on enemy countries. Billy travels to the future to the time he has a nervous breakdown. He becomes a springboard for discussions about the tragedy of war. When faced with his wife, condemns what he sees in Dresden points out the depth of the horror and inhumanity of war, where he meets Vonnegut. During their captivity in Dresden after the bombing, Billy becomes upset over the performance of a quartet of singing optometrists. He says, he is at a loss to explain his reaction?

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Please provide a detailed summary of A Farewell to Arms.

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The Kite Runner Summary

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