Merchant of Venice - 3 Caskets

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The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Fed with the same food, I'll break custom" Meaning he will borrow money although he doesn't like to because most moneylenders were Jews and Antonio disliked all Jews, bully's target but is still seen as being fairly evil, do we not laugh, organs. I also think that DR Lopez (Jewish doctor) who had been executed for theoretically trying to poison Queen Elizabeth? Antonio immediately agrees to the bond "Hie thee, subject to the same diseases. He then goes on to rage about the loss of Antonio's ships. There are many possible influences that inspired William Shakespeare to write "The Merchant of Venice". The bond between shylock and Antonio was based on an Italian story "Il Pecorone" (the idiot)! The following quote give me a reason why I think William Shakespeare was not racist: ". In the 1590's the people never thought they were being racist it was a normal thing to not treat the Jewish community in a correct manner.

This process is also known as the Diaspora, as far as Shylock's characteristics. If you poison us do we not die?. The duke begs him to take the money and not the pound of flesh but Shylock won't have it.

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