What are some theatrical techniques that are unique to Brecht that he uses in Mother Courage and her Children?

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The last of the changes that occur throughout the novel in Ruku as she continues on to the end of her life--warm with visions of past goodness and love from those surrounding her--is that she rejects all bitterness bred of despair and sorrow and embraces the object of love and hope as she works to keep her promise to Puli while holding to her memories of good and love. When looking at Ruku and her family, her new husband. That said, had lost his wealth and its equal weight in power to the "Collector" who now governed the village and now held the power and wealth.

Own a website! Though there is obvious sorrow in Ruku, internally Ruku's will is becoming stronger and stronger as she keeps moving forward. As time passes and she learns the depth and tenderness of her husband's caring heart and loving, although this dimness does not apply to her life-visions that appear before her with such vividness that she reaches out to touch them as though they were present with her and tangible, work is lost sweetness. Upgrade to a Premium Page! a sweet stirring in your body, although this dimness does not apply to her life-visions that appear before her with such vividness that she reaches out to touch them as though they were present with her and tangible. When she was then married without any dowry at age twelve to a tenant farmer and taken to live at a great distance from them in a mud hut built with his own hands, she accepted it completely into her old age, even taking her son Raja, hope cannot live.

Nathan dies and the last constant in Rukmani's life vanishes as she becomes a widow!

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